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About us

Neogenesis Health strives to provide quality, effective and organic products to treat ailments.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2012

Neogenesis Health was founded by Dr. Okker Botha and Dr. Rory Jean-Jacques in 2012. The underlying philosophy of the whole product range and production line is based on the symbolic expression of what the company name represents. Neogenesis Health.

"Neo" means New and "Genesis" denotes the origin of

Health products of Distinction

We have created a company which is “The New Origin of Health” and our natural medicines reflect this creed

The fundamental premise of our company is based on this – We believe the wellness industry needs to be disrupted in a good way. Too many companies are using mass farmed, intensively cultivated, herbicide sprayed crops to produce inferior healing medicines.

The plague of poor quality herbal extracts and even raw herbs is rife, and as a result efficacy falls short and products do not work or worse are even harmful because of questionable farming practices, extraction processes, poor storage which can increase mold growth and specifically the use of fumigants and pesticides as well as harmful solvents used in the extract process. 

Novel and organic concepts

We’re just getting started

We have created a company which is “THE NEW ORIGIN OF HEALTH” and our natural medicines reflect this creed. We stand by our slogan “HEALTH PRODUCTS OF DISTINCTION”. From the foundation of our company everything is distinct from any other common herbal range.

Our Process

We control and manage the whole production process of our products by instituting the following process


Sourcing of heirloom herbal strains. Sourcing and chemotyping the top medicinal strains for all our plants.


Optimal drying conditions to preserve active compounds. Careful drying of our extracts to preserve efficacy.

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Perfected extraction method providing 100% yield. Fractional distillation extraction providing 100% pure extracts. Specialized concentration techniques to produce our famous 40:1 concentration.


Hands on blending of our formulas overseen by our Master Herbalist. Preservation bases of organic grasses to keep extracts fresh in capsule. Any blending agents are non GMO, if maltodextrine is needed for right texture.

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