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Jellyfish Collagen

Jellyfish Collagen

Collagen Type 0

Pioneered by Neogenesis Health Exclusively available at Faithful to Nature

Dosing forms

Our Jellyfish Collagen is a registered , patented collagen

Patented Medical Grade regenerative medicine

Cognitive Regenerative medicine

Jellyfish collagen is the only collagen that contains:

The Immortal Animal

Ethical & Cruelty free

Longevity Division
Launching April 2023

Longevity Division Information

The founders of Neogenesis Health have created a unique range of formulation with patented ingredients that have been scientifically proven to combat or reverse ageing in numerous spheres. Categories include:


  • Mental/Cognitive 
  • Beauty/Skin 
  • Telomere lengthening (rate of ageing) 
  • Cellular rejuvenation 
  • Vision/Sensory rejuvenation

Launch Details

The Longevity division & our initial range of products will be launching in April 2023 

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95% our products can be bought directly from our website, however, our one line, Jellyfish Collagen will be exclusively available at Faithful To Nature for the first 6 months. 

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