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Neogenesis - Joint Pain & Inflammation Remedy

Ortho-flex is a clinically proven formulation that reduces joint pain, stiffness and inflammation within 7 to 10 days for osteoarthritis and related conditions.

Neogenesis - BlissFlora

Tired, No Motivation, Feeling Low? Your gut could be to blame. Introducing South Africa's First Psychobiotic - A probiotic that modulates your mood. Read more below about the intricate balance of your gut microbes and brain.

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Myco-Medicinal Range

We are launching 12 new mushroom products in our Myco-Medicinal range

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May / 0 / 2023


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South African Firsts by Neogenesis

1. SA's first Psychobiotic

BlissFlora - South Africa's first patented, clinically proven psychobiotic - A probiotic that modulates your mood.

2. Transdermal Vitamin D3

D3 Patches by Neogenesis - South Africa's first transdermal delivery method for Vitamin D3.

3. Curcumin PNP absorption technology

Curcumin is infamous for poor absorption, so Neogenesis fixed this problem by introducing South Africa's first polar Non-Polar delivery mechanism, yielding the world's most bio-available curcumin - Curcumigen

4. Transdermal Vitamin B12 Patches

South Africa's first transdermal delivery method for Vitamin B12 - revolutionizing care for those who previously relied on IV infusions.

5. Liposomal Ashwaganda

South Africa's first Liposomal Ashwaganda, featuring patented absorption technology that enhances the effects of Ashwaganda 7 times.

6. Vitamin C Zeal Absorption Technology

South Africa's first and only Nano-Liposomal delivery mechanism that has been proven through electron microscopy to be absorbed as a liposomal particle.

7. Cholesterol reducing probiotic

South Africa's first and only cholesterol reducing probiotic, clinically proven to reduce cholesterol as much as pharmaceutical medications.

8. Setria Glutathione & Recycling Complex

South Africa's first Setria Glutathione and still the only product with a full recycling complex, allowing your body to re-use the glutathione.

9. Live Probiotics in Growth Medium

South Africa's first live probiotic mixed in it's natural growth medium (humic and fulvic acid medium - acting as a fertilizer and accellerant for good bacteria, whilst suppressing bad bacteria and yeast.)

10. Pioneered the first Moringa Extract

South Africa's first Moringa extract in capsule form, equivalent to two scoops of powdered Moringa.

11. SA's first eggshell membrane product

Ortho-Flex - South Africa's first product containing eggshell membrane, clinically proven to aid in symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

12. Pioneered Cognizine

Neogenesis introduced the first product containing the patented ingredient - Cognizine, a clinically proven CDP choline thats boosts acetylcholine production & enhancing coginitive function.

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Neogenesis Vit B12 patches. Simply have to have them. I recommend them for anyone over 60 or needing B12 supplementation . Although I eat a healthy diet including all animal products, I don’t absorb sufficient B12, leading to Pernicious Anemia. It improves mood ie depression, increases energy, reduces racing heart and anxiety. Concentration is improved. So Easy to use, I now only need 1 patch a week unless I’m feeling very stressed and anxious. 

Jenny Roodt

I get severe stomach issues with Vitamin C, but found that I could take this without any problems, I am so happy to find such a potent vitamin C that I can use!

Lelisha S

This is my favourite product.

This is my favourite product. Quite honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it since I suffer from CUR (Chronic Urinary Retention), a condition that seems to have begun after a near fatal car accident in 1997. Prosta-flow is a non-invasive, natuThis is my favourite product. Quite honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it since I suffer from CUR (Chronic Urinary Retention), a condition that seems to have begun after a near fatal car accident in 1997. Prosta-flow is a non-invasive, natural remedy for this condition and like all NeoGenesis Health products, works fantastically well. Thank you once again for your wonderful products NeoGenesis Health!

B Green

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