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Curcumin has taken the world by storm as a natural anti-inflammatory, but is notoriously poorly absorbed. Absorption and bioavailability has been central to industry advances to ensure effective delivery. Absorption mechanisms such as liposomes, micelles, nanoparticles, piperine, and phospholipid complexes are often used to improve absorption. However, one particular patent-pending delivery method has been clinically shown to be far superior and without question the most effective delivery method: PNS Techology®.  


Lipo-Gandha utilises Zeal liposomal technology to provide an ashwagandha supplement with superior absorption and retention. ZEAL technology is unique since it’s the only liposomal  delivery system shown by electron microscopy to produce true liposomal nanospheres that retain their liposomal bilayer structure in powder form.



Brianiac contains a unique combination of ingredients that target specific therapeutic needs in ADD/ADHD. The 3 ingredients are Artichoke + Vinca Minor + Passionflower, provided in full-spectrum organic herbal extracts. This Triad formula contains effective nervous system regulators with years of proven results and consistency.


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